Tuesday, May 22

Top Five Kick Ass Kyle

1. Do what you like with the sight

2 . I hearby make you the Stop Five Creative Organization Kid

3. no one but me and you are administraters now... some might object to this, but whatev.

4. I love how much you care about the forum, so... I just want to empower you to do whatever you seem to think is great.

5. I trust you.

kick ass, kyle!
Wow, this is big. Don't screw it up Kyle!
We're all counting on you to bring a new look and direction to sTopfiverecords.blogspot.com, Kyle. I hope you're taking this seriously. The fate of the planet may well rest on your shoulders.
Oh man...

This reminds of that time my friend Tim asked me to hold the ladder while he cleaned the leaves from his ducts. And now he's blind. I'm not sure if the two are related, but I've always felt bad about it.
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