Tuesday, May 15

Top 5 Acts of Manliness

5. Watching someone cut down a tree. While this is the lowest form of manliness, there is some manliness inherent in the act of just seeing a tree get cut down.
4. Helping someone cut down a tree. Ussually involves making sure the tree is going to fall in the right direction.
3. Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw. Chainsaws are manly implements of destruction.
2. Cutting down a tree with an axe. Incredibly manly. After cutting down a tree with an axe you cannot help but feel like you have manly arms.
1. Cutting down a tree with a karate chop. Seriously, do I need to explain this? If I do, then you are probably not a man.

What about just pushing the tree over. Seriously, any time you need to feel man-like just go and puch over a tree. i have done so and love it. (Note: the tree must have rotten root systems, healthy trees will just laugh at you)
where are you? I know some girl is inherently thinking, that these things aren't manly and girls can do them too. I just wanted a roll call of you. I know you were thinking it.
This post is completely un-environmentally-friendly.

It is also very funny.

My heart is torn.

(What this post does prove is that Chuck Norris really is the epitome of manliness.)
hmmm, I live in manly land. And Kyle, there are some trees that need to be cut down for the sake of their counterparts, as well as preventing fire hazards. These have been killed by mountain pine beetles. Here, the manly men have had to become even manlier really fast. Maybe this will ease your heart
So I'm basically in a girl's heaven.
Heaven with lots of dead trees.
Check and mate.
this list makes me a 4 out of 5 on the manly scale.

Unfortunately this brings the total count of people that think i'm manly up to two: josh and holly.

Of course that being said, Josh might decided to re-evaluate his qualifications bringing the count back down to 1.
Its true. I think you're manly.
My qualifications stand.
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