Thursday, November 29

Top 5 Dreams I've had (That I remember)

1. The little bus that would come and pick me up and take me over the rainbow to chocolate land. This was a semi-recurring dream I had during childhood. Fantastic.

2. The dream where I was flying over this lake. For some reason I had to visit this wizard at some point to keep my flying abilities or something.

3. The one where I got shot in the stomach. It was a weirdly tense and strange dream, because I kept waiting to die, but I never actually did.

4. The gold nintendo dream. I had this one when I was a kid as well. I came home and the whole house had been turned to gold. I ran in and went right upstairs to check, and sure enough, the nintendo had been turned to gold. I remember yelling something like "The nintendo's gold!"

5. The dream I had last night. I was out in some northern BC coastal town, and I was on this boat taking a harbour tour. Except the habour was totally packed with killer whales doing all kinds of killer whale things. We could barely manouever because there were so many. Then I was fishing at this dock in the town. I managed to catch this little red snapper, then I used the snapper to try to catch bigger fish. I remember looking into the water and seeing this massive sea horse (like the size of a sturgeon). Crazy!

Last night I had this dream where I could fly and so when the wind kicked up and knocked the giant tent in the backyard down I picked up each end and spread the tent over the entire western hemisphere to protect it from solar winds. I was a hero, and I had the harem to prove it. Hey, it was a dream.
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