Tuesday, November 13

Top 5 Things You Actually Missed At The Donkers' Wedding

1. The return (I'm going to assume from the grave...or Coquitlam...same thing actually...) of the elusive Vlackvood.
2. Dan playing videogames at the reception (I think he let Tara win, but I'm not sure. Dan doesn't like losing. Or winning by a close margin.)
3. Justin Reimer performing the wedding like a champ.
4. Gordo and Monte.
5. Mr. and Mrs. (Anne and Anton) Donkers dancing to the song Maneater. Seriously, I never thought I would see that. Never in a million years.

thank you
Psh. That's not what *I* heard.
Don't forget Mark Hawkes singing a song about virgin Dan and Tara
Heehee you're so right Otto. I hate small margins!
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