Sunday, November 4

Top 5 Things To Never Buy Again

1. Styrofoam and plastic dishes and utensils - they are non-biodegradable and unnecessary. Use your own mug, utensils, food containers, etc. I make this pledge as of today: I will always carry my own fork and mug/ water bottle to avoid using disposable ones.
2. Over packaged foods - one third of what goes in the garbage is packaging. This is a complete waste of resources. Buy in Bulk. Buy things with less packaging. Bring your own shopping bag with you.
3. Toys made with PVC - Chemicals used to make PVC are know carcinogens, dangerous additives are often used, and PVC is the least recycled plastic. Use toys made with natural materials and tell manufacturers to stop using PVC.
4. Hardwood products - 27 million acres of tropical rainforest are being destroyed every year. Use products that are made from sustainably harvest timber, salvaged wood, or wood alternatives (bamboo, cork, etc).
5. Toxic cleaning products and chemical pesticides - they poison our land and groundwater, and contribute to overall poor health. Use biodegradable non-toxic cleaners and organic pest control means.

Bonus: Don't use higher octane gas than you need. The higher the octane, the more hazardous the pollutants. Drive less, drive a smaller car, and use lower octane fuel.

funny how you mention this specific list of 5. Cause i just bought all 5 of these products, and actually, i burned them in an open fire in my backyard.

oh ho ho, i am sooo funny, or NOT funny. you decide.
I heard that he even used high octane fuel to keep the fire burning.
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