Monday, November 12

Top 5 Things Holly, Geoff, and I Missed At The Donker's Wedding

1. The first ever all-nude PAOC-endorsed wedding.
2. Dan and Tara saying their vows in iambic pentameter.
3. A live performance of “It Had to Be You” by Harry Connick Jr.
4. Instead of the traditional releasing of white doves, they went with a much different (and much cheaper) alternative: crows.
5. Seven hours of reckless (and shameless) saké overconsumption.

Harry Connick Jr. wanted extra to wear his white suit, but after getting into the sake, we didn't even notice the difference. Same with the crows/doves.
Damn that Connick! Then again, with all the nudity, you'd think any colour suit would stand out.
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