Sunday, March 18

Top 5 Great Things About the Breakfast we Stumbled Upon This Morning

1. We were not allowed to come in for breakfast because Sunday Brunch was about to be served. Who can turn down Sunday Brunch?
2. Freshly squeezed oranged juice and Mighty Leaf tea to start.
3. The view overlooking the lake.
4. The most decadent meal composed of fresh fruit, cheese, pickles, cooked vegetables, seafood (prawns, salmon,etc.), lunch entree meals (pasta and rice - I couldn't think of breakfast at the time), bacon and sausage, yogurt and granola, eggs benedict, pancakes, french toast, a roasted meat of some sort, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, croissants and bread galore, freshly made crepes, and omlettes made on the spot specifically to your request. Gourmet buffet style. As much as you could eat!
5. The dessert bar as a part of breakfast - chocolate dipped cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, assorted squares and chocolates, fruit parfait and everything topped off with a champagne flute full of chocolate mousse.

Moey and I definitely felt like we WERE Marie Antoinette for the day. What a pleasant surprise.

so fantastic!!
Brunch is for couples. And it rules.
i don't think slynn and i are a couple....
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