Thursday, March 1

Top 5 Website Discoveries for the Week

1. - Convert & Download Flash Movies (YouTube, etc.)
2. Christopher Walken For President: 2008 - What else is there to say? The obvious choice.
3. PeekVid – A collection of completely illegal TV shows, movies, and other things on the net. I just finished watching seasons 3 and 4 of 24…online. Good times.
4. Pandora - A cool website by "The Music Genome Project". It's pretty neat. Tell them a band/song you like, they'll give you some similar music you might like too (that you can listen to). Great for finding new stuff.
5. Virtual Religion Index - Tons of cataloged and well organized sites about pretty much anything to do with religion (not specifically Christianity, mind you). Worth looking at.

Hi Stewart,

I wanted to make a suggestion. It is called The Filter ( Log on and download free software that helps you make brilliant playlists from your iTunes library.Also recommends music it thinks you will like.
Hey thanks a lot. That's an awesome program!
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