Wednesday, March 28

Top 5 Resons for Being Stewart's Nemesis

1. I decided that too many people like him (me included). What if he goes through life never feeling the sting of rejection? It was a definite possibility before I came along
2. He and I are probably the geekiest when it comes to obsessive internet communitcation. (This of course excludes World of Warcraft, which I don't think really counts as communication - maybe anti-communication - and is geekier than the both of us put together).
3. I like a challenge. It will be difficult to bash most of his clever comments and posts. However, I have faith I will succeed.
4. He wears a cape and mask - that's just asking for an arch nemesis right there.
5. With a bullet... I was bored and considered becoming his enemy. Then I told him on facebook (see how geeky we are with the communication?). Then he did that genius nemesis post and now I can't back out of it!

I realize this post might seem like back handed compliments towards the Stewart. But its all part of my evil plan....

I believe in you Hanne!
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