Sunday, April 29

Top 5 Eating Habits To Heal The World

1. Support local growers, be it through farmers' markets, farm-fresh food box deliveries or just keeping your eye out for local labels at the grocery store.
2. Go vegetarian or reduce meat/ dairy intake- meat production uses up to 20 times as much energy as growing grain.
3. Choose fair-trade coffee, sugar, chocolate and anything else you can find so you can be sure you're not supporting 'sweatshops in the fields.'
4. Buy certified organic products to avoid pesticide panic and spare waterways, wildlife and workers from encounters with toxic pesticides.
5. Pass on resource-intensive, packaging-heavy fast food and heavily processed junk.

I will never go vegetarian, as few things can compare to the pleasure of meat.

(Wow. That sounded incredibly gay.)

Although I have been ordering veggie burgers whenever I'm at Harvey's, and they're pretty fantastic.

Good stuff!
Could also be titled: Top 5 Eating Habits to Heal Yourself!

Also, Starbucks coffee is awesome and fair.
I understand though, Melissa.
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