Friday, April 29

Top 5 excuses our Thai student gives us to try and skip school.

1. Last week he doesn't get up. I knock on the door and ask, "Aren't you going to school?" He replies with "my arm hurts."

2. "My Stomach hurts."

3. Two days ago I get an email that he has skipped 3 blocks. When I confront him about it, he tells me that he went to a drugstore to buy medicine for his stomach, and that's why he skipped 3 blocks.

4. Yesterday he proceeds to tell Sara-Lynn and I that he often misses school because of his stomach aches and then proceeds to tell us that he has a hole in his stomach. To which I respond, that's called an ulcer and you need to get medical attention immediately. He then tells us that it's not that bad.

5. This morning he is late again, I ask if he's going to school. He responds with, "I poo a lot this morning."

Why do I get the feeling this kid is going to be a problem for us?

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