Tuesday, March 1

Top 5 Reasons Why This Blog Will Not Die!

1. I posted a prediction on Facebook about this blog's revival! Don't make me out to be a Facebook lier!

2. "Blogging" sounds way cooler than "tweeting"

3. If we keep blogging on here, maybe just maybe, we will summon Andrew Blackwood back to life!

4. Melissa now works at the Disney Store... She must be full of Top 5 lists by now! "Top 5 Disney Stuffed Animals!" "Top 5 Reasons why Goofy can talk, and Pluto cannot!" "Top 5 Most Handsome Princes" "Top 5 Skankiest Princesses" etc... etc...

5. Dan Donkers' wordpress blog hasn't been updated in months! Dan, you might as well just come back!

- noun
1. a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush.

but I shall do my best to not make you a liar, or a lier, which in your context I'm pretty sure is a form of trolling.
Oops, I mean "leir"
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