Tuesday, March 1

Top 5 reasons I am not into the posting of photos on this blog

1. This blog began with, and was inspired by, the communication form of language, not pictures.
2. Pictures convey someone else's thoughts, not necessarily the thoughts of the writer.
3. Despite my latest post, I like that this blog is internally sourced (meaning you don't need to search "the internet" for outside ideas and that you can find entertainment strictly from the writing of your fellow friends)
4. So many blogs these days are overrun with pictures taken by any amateur and lose the meaning of the words.
5. I can't think of anything else, and I recognize this post is not the most eloquent... but all I wanted to say is...down with the pictures! (Am I alone in this thought?)

Well then. Fine.
I think pictures now and then are alright and can bring an interesting dimension. I think SL has a good point communicating through language etc, but I think we all take inspiration from multiple sources (our job, the books we read, the movies/tv we watch), and I think it's fair for lists to be inspired by (or feature) photos...especially when they illustrate a funny point that would otherwise be lost/inexplicable.
Haha Kyle!

I do agree with you too Melissa. I think I am somewhat of a purist at heart on this matter, though for no particular reason. Also, I'm not opposed to the posting of pictures... just not into it. :)
Ok, before I post again, what's our position on text-heavy PowerPoint?
two thumbs up, as long as there is a lengthy description of the origin of why "two thumbs up" is an expression of approval, as well a comprehensive, poorly formatted list of instances in which "two thumbs up" has been used, both in popular culture and in large scale, fate deciding world decisions (if applicable).
Melissa, can you send me photos that describe your last comment? I can't understand what you're writing.
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