Tuesday, February 8

Top 5 exchange student moments (so far)

1. Finding a student microwaving his lunch (leftovers) in a tupperware container, and then packing it in a bag to eat 4 hour later.

2. Hearing the off-tune singing of Korean pop songs wafting up to our bedroom from below us while trying to sleep.

3. Having to create a "rule" that our student has to leave the house at least once over the weekend, after he spent 3 days solid without leaving the house (and no, he was not sick)

4. Answering phone calls from parents who chat and chat in their own language, seemingly oblivious to the fact that you do not understand a word they are saying.

5. Editing english homework that has CLEARLY been copied straight out of google translator (The love of the heart in devotion leaps and affection fond memories...) This went on for a good three lines of complete jibberish.

That made me laugh! (#5 especially -- I think if you broke that up into stanzas you might have a poem on your hands.)
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