Thursday, August 6

Top 5 Notes Regarding the Oregon Coast

1. The fog rolls in around Cannon Beach. I don't know where it stops. Conspiracy? Perhaps.
2. Coastal Oregonians have never heard of perogies. No grocery store has them. Conspiracy? I think yes.
3. You are not allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon. It is against the law. Conspiracy? The answer should be clear to you.
4. Tillamook cheese is delicious, yet strangely inaccessible outside of Oregon. Conspiracy? No question.
5. The state parks are beautiful, clean, and family friendly. Conspiracy? I often wonder.

are the donkerses and the kangs both in oregon?
you can't get perogies in the states in general. when i was working at the American boating heaven, people thought they were wontons because they had never seen them before.
Ha, that's weird HA! I don't get why they wouldn't appreciate perogies. And no, we didn't make it down at the same time Moe. The Kangs left the day the Donkers's came back :(
your list is bunk.

you can buy tillamook cheese in just about any grocery store in Washington.
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