Tuesday, April 7

Top 5 Reasons I'm going to the U2 Concert

1. I do quite enjoy their music. And although I'm not a big fan of the last 2 albums, I think they'll play lots of their classics.

2. We had tax return money to spend. Hurrah!

3. U2 seems like one of those seminal bands of our generation. I'd like to say I've seen them at least once. Does that make me a slave to the culture? Probably.

4. Black Eye Peas are opening. I hate the Black Eye Peas. They almost stopped me from going to this show. Fergie is trying to hurry the apocolypse.

5. It will be a night out with my wife. Hooray!

...I'm almost positive I heard those guys died in a plane crash back in the 80's?
And a night out with your brother I might add.

we'll be there too.
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