Tuesday, February 24

Top 5 Academy Awards Moments 2009

Really Moey, I am surprised I beat you to this one.. I didn't actually get to watch all of the awards, but here were some of the highlights for me:

1. The musical number done highlighting all of this year's musicals. I love musicals!
2. The montage of songs to present the nominations for Best Song, and how the musician/singer A.R. Rahman went straight from singing and performing in the number to accept an Oscar for the song (if my memory serves me correctly). He was a happy man.
3. The 5 previous Oscar winners for Best Leading Actress presenting this year's nominees for Leading Actress. It was just a bit special.
4. Kate Winslet's acceptance speech for Best Actress. She was so endearing and just like a little kid who won a contest.
5. The Best Picture award when the entire cast of Slumdog came on stage. Those kids are just too darn cute!

My favourite part was Steve Martin and Tina Fey presenting for writing.

Also, I really liked the montages they did, of the various "themes". I can't remember any other Oscar's, so maybe that was normal. But I liked it. Especially the little mini documentary on documentaries.
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