Monday, December 8

Top 5 WorldVision Gifts Under $50

5. 3 Soccer Balls ("Make a dream come true for many children with 3 brand new soccer balls.")
Price: $30

Piglet ("Pigs are superb sources of protein, fertilizer and more for a family in need.")
Price: $40

3. Antibiotics for 10 Children ("Provide antibiotics to fight infections, bringing health to 10 children in need.")
Price: $30

2. Feed Hungry Children and Families for 30 Days ("This gift provides children with emergency food supplies for health and hope.")
Price: $45

1. Agricultural Packs for 3 Families ("An Agricultural Pack includes seeds, tools and training to feed hungry families.")
Price: $35

Seriously, I think it would be awesome if everyone on Stop Five did this. It'd be our Stop Five Christmas Conspiracy!

(Just a thought -- no pressure/guilt intended. Unless you needed it, in which case, yes, it was intended.)

Hmmmm... good idea, wot! Let me see how my wallet is doing next week... but yeah I would like to contribute. I always loved doing those shoeboxes... Operation Christmas child or something, wasn't it?
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