Wednesday, December 10

Top 5 Reasons to have a Christmas Break "Stopfive-athon"

1 We have only had one stopfive-athon in Stop Five's history, and it was a raging success.
2. As the Stopfive historian, I have once again been perusing the archives, and I've noticed a slight decline in the frequency of posts over the last 6 months or so. This can easily be rectified by an hour long Stopfive-athon.
3. What better way to celebrate everything great about Christmas than by giving the world lists of our thoughts organized in to five.
4. If Bryan gets the archives to me, it would be a great way to celebrate the beginning of my "Stopfive Archival Restoration Project."
5. It may convince Andwer Vlackvood to come out of hiding.

Let me know what you think Stopfivers. I'm thinking we should do one either just before Christmas (like the 23rd), or just after Christmas (maybe the 27th) sometime in the afternoon.

For curiosity's sake, here is Bryan's announcement for the first Stopfive-athon (circa August 2006):

The First Stop-Five-A-Thon
The first Stop-Five-a-thon will take place on Sunday, August 13th between the hours of 5pm and 6pm Eastern Standard Time (2pm and 3pm western standard time).
All current Stop Fivers are welcome. The name of the game will be to post as many Top Fives as possible in an hour. So... Everyone, be prepared. Bring your A-Game. Lets get it on.
This could be the thing of legend. See you tommorow. Comment if you can make it.

I'm in.

Some of us don't have this Christmas "break" you speak of, so a weekend day or any evening would be better for me. Of the two days you listed, the 27th likely works better for me, unless you're thinking of after 5 on the 23rd.

Just saying.

But it sounds like a super lot of fun :)
Ok, good to know. An evening would probably work just as well for everyone.
Hello stop five.
I love what you guys do here.
I hate cats. Sorry Kyle.
Cats suck.
Feel the hostility yet Kyle?
Anyways, just thought I'd pass on a post I made in memory of you guys.
Sorry for the shameless plug.
Allison would prefer it to be after Christmas...
Me too. After Christmas. Sounds like fun!
I'ma be honest,I would love to do it in the new year, like anytime past the 5th (I have two weeks holidays), but if not, I think anything done in the evening , like around 7 or 8 would be fanfreakintastic. It would give me a whole days sleep.
I am in aswell.

I would need it in the evening. I could do it as soon as this weekend, but not between the 27th and 1st.

A Sunday is a great day for me too. but whatever works works.

lets let this banter of who can when go on for a bit, then we will peice through it and set a date.


Advice: have some lists allready started. It helps get a bunch up there.

2 also wouldn't be a bad thing...

I know that it would probably be easier, and we could have one before and after Christmas

I had such a good time at the last one.
I think there were 4 people there

and it was steller.
more the merrier

by the way... I updated some verbs that you could do on the right.

I was hoping we could get more.
Anyone know some action you want others to take?
wow, i killed this comment string... :(
Ha, no, I think everyone's just busy with Christmas. So the 27th doesn't work for you?
I am a travel king on the 27th, I am going to Ontario on that day.

what about the 26th? what about tommorow?????
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