Sunday, December 7

Top 5 Most Annoyingly Overused Words That Have Lost Any Discernable Meaning and/or Credibility

1. Genius
2. Brilliant
3. Epic
4. Phenomenal
5. Annoyingly

You are a GENIUS to come up with such a brilliant post! It's pretty epic how you were able to gather this phenomenal information. One might say that you are almost annoyingly awesome.
I use two of these words often. I also use another word listed here with some frequency, but not as much as the other two.
That's true, actually, you do. Although really the only one I can think of hearing you say is genius.

I read an article last night where the author used the top 4 from my list. And it was wholly undeserved. I wanted to slap him.
I hung out with some people the other day that I hadn't seen in a while, and the used the word "epic" so much! In fact, at one point this guy said "hey you should check out the old coke poster in the bathroom, it's epic!" And I was like, "It's a picture of a lady drinking coke from 1892, how is that epic?" That's what happens when words lose their discernable meaning.
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