Monday, December 29

The Second StopFiveathon

The second official Stopfiveathon will be on January 2nd at 7:30 pm. I was hoping to do the 27th, but between the crazy snow we got here and people's Christmas schedules, things didn't quite work out. So I hope to see you all there on the second. Bring your A game, and we'll stuff this site's stockings with so many top 5 lists it will be giddy with excitement. In the meantime feel free to continue your excellent top 5 work friends.

And comment if you're able to make it.

I should be awake by then
i'm in.
nice, that's 3 of us. I'm trying to convince Geoff to join in too.
I'm out. Sawry.

Have fun though. I'm looking forward to reading all the crap you guys can think of.

(And by crap I mean 'high literature'. Obviously.)
I can try to make it
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