Sunday, November 9

Top 5 Recent Acquisitions

1) A boyfriend (over two weeks now, and still happy! I really, actually, like him. And a future with him in it is exciting to me! Weird...)
2) A few good knives (generously donated by my father, along with a whetstone. Like I'd ever trust myself with sharpening knives.)
3) A box of hot apple cider packages. My favourite brand, Lynch's. In fact, I think I'll make some right now.
4) A bag of clothes, handed down to me by my father's girlfriend. (Ummm... awkward. But some of it's actually nice... about 5%, I'd say... Would it be weird, wearing these things? I could just not think about it too much... I'm good at doing that for certain things. Not thinking about things, that is. Wait.. what?)
5) Red nail polish. OPI brand, and the shade is called "I got the blues for red." Candy apple red, in my opinion. (I have this obession with red nail polish. I have never found the perfect shade. But this one comes pretty darn close.)

I would say that's a pretty decent likeness of me. I'm usually composed of black sticks.
I'll be honest -- you held out longer than I expected.

But congratulations. I've heard only good things about people named Kyle. In fact, I've heard incredible things.

Also, red nail polish is a great catch.
Yeah, I tried so hard to stay single... It was really easy until he came along. I'm such a failure.
And I know that Kyles are renowned for their awesomeness. Had to find out for sure, though.
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