Monday, November 10

Top 5 Reasons the world is "f'd"


You're dead to me, Geoff.

(P.S. Number 1 is "F'd" up. But what's worse are their fees. What happened to good ol' relationally-costly, economically-cheap affairs of days past? Is nothing sacred?)
Holy shit! I don't know what's more disturbing, the Westboro Baptist Church or the Ashley Madison Agency! Both those things rock me to the core... but I think I'd have to say the Ashley Madison Agency hits harder because it's a lot more prevalent, it seems. This WBC madness appears to be confined to a few select individuals.

What a happy list!
The crazy thing about AshleyMadison is this...1)They got the name from picking the two most popular baby names in 2005 to attract more women because men are more likely to cheat 2) They have over 2 million users 3) The founder says its for people where divorce isn't an does that make sense??
This is a really deep issue, it seems. O Humanity, look what you've become! This is what happens when you forsake Love.
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