Friday, October 24

Top 5 Things I Could Do Between Now and Work at 6 PM

1) Check out the Spy Store on Pender. I've always wanted to go in there.
2) Practice longboarding in Stanley Park (or just bike around Stanley Park if I can't get a hold of my friend Kyle or his longboard) and gaze at the sea and ponder and write.
3) Work on a design for a t-shirt.
4) Crawl around my apartment and find meaningless, trivial things to organize/destroy.
5) Watch more Arrested Development, drink tea, finish reading Breakfast of Champions, and give myself a chance to recover from this dratted illness.

I should make up my mind fast. Time is slipping away... And I really don't want to end up doing either 4 or 5! I feel like a little kid. "But I wanna go outsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!"

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