Sunday, October 12

Top 5 Things About Friday's Weezer Concert

5. The teenage couple in front of us dry-humping each other for 3.5 hours (including intermissions). It was disturbing, creepy, and pretty funny.

4. The 50+ year old man across the aisle jumping up and down and singing at the top of his lungs, "Say it ain't so/Your drug is a heartbreaker/Say it ain't so/My love is a life taker." I swear I saw a tear or two.

3. The red Weezer record player segueing into the encore. Although, that could be tied with Rivers’ trampoline.

2. Doing Island In the Sun and Beverly Hills with 15- 20 fans playing their own instruments on stage. Who knew a trombone, banjo and xylophone could sound so...half decent?

1. Rivers. Without a doubt, the strangest lead singer I’ve ever seen. (I think he might actually be epileptic, considering how often he randomly fell to the floor and rolled around.)

They say you're not supposed to interfere with an epileptic's seizure. Try and keep their head away from sharp/hard/potentially damaging objects and just let 'em roll it out.

Not gonna lie, not a huge weezer fan. I can say that online, because nobody's around to hurt me. Which seems to be the common reaction of most people - they try to hurt me.
Dan Kang's Seinfeldian attempt to nickname himself makes so much sense now that I know Cuomo is epileptic too.

I have to say also, I admire the teenage couple's endurance.
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