Wednesday, October 8

Top 5 Possible Reasons for My Absence

1) I was kidnapped by pirates on the 5th of July. The Dread Pirate Roberts, actually. I am now his pirate bride. It's really hard to get signal on the open seas. We're in port right now, sacking Vancouver.
2) I developed a fear of the number 5.
3) I lost my sense of humour. In Stanley Park, one careless afternoon. I was too ashamed to return until I retrieved it. And actually, I never found mine... I'm borrowing a friend's until a new one can be ordered.
4) I didn't have a computer or internet access until a couple of weeks ago.
5) I gave birth to my first child -- a beautiful, baby girl. Named her Vanessa. Nessie for short. Been busy with her all summer. She's finally starting to sleep through the night!

(um, only one of these is true...)

Congratulations on the child, which I'm assuming is the true one.
congratulations on the internet access
I must then slay that dread Pirate Roberts and free you from his hand!
I lost my sense of humour once. I actually stole someone elses. Try to guess who!
PS. Congratulations on the birth of your sin child.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand....... finneas (dear Matthew!) gets the prize for being the only one to guess correctly! (you have until Sunday to rescue me.)

Le Sigh. It's good to be back.
Number two makes sense based on the date of your kidnapping, and I completely understand how one could lose their sense of humour in Stanley Park (I once lost a whole week there, and it's way bigger), but something about the date of your pregnancy doesn't add up. Are you saying that The Dread Pirate Roberts ISN'T the father? Also, did you manage to score any fancy cutlery in the booty you looted from Vancouver, cause I could use a new set...
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