Tuesday, October 14

My Top 5 Cartoon Disney Crushes (when I was younger, of course)

1) Phoebus -- from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Damn. ... I actually used to have him as a barbie doll. And Esmeralda. They made out a lot.

2) Cody -- the little boy from The Rescuers Down Under. So cute. And brave. And environmentally conscious.

3) Beast -- from Beauty and the Beast. When he was a beast. He wasn't as awesome when he was human... looked a little too pretty-boy. I like the rugged type, even back then.

4) Tramp -- from Lady and the Tramp. Always up to no good. I like that. But he really had a heart of gold...

5) Robin Hood -- obviously, Robin Hood. Good morals. Brave. Knows what he wants and goes for it. Confident. Charming (in the mischievous sense). Bit too much of an idealist, really, but I overlooked that in favour of his other attributes.

Yes, 3 of the 5 are cartoon animals.... but really anthropomorphic. It's totally justifiable!
And I've noticed that I seemed to go for blonds... except for Peter Pan. Too petulant. He really did need to grow up a bit.

So i guess you could say that robin hood was a little 'foxy'...?
aww man. i'm sorry. it had to be said though.
You also seem to have a thing for guys that drool...hmmm.
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