Tuesday, September 30

Top 5 Picks in my Fantasy Poets League

1. Shakespeare - The concensus #1 pick. This guy gives you great value all across the board. His value gets an extra boost in PPP (Points per Play) leagues.

2. Homer - He's just epic. His mastery of the hexameter verse gives my team an advantage in several categories.

3. Alexander Pope - This guy's a bit of a sleeper pick. He's a satirist at heart, but he covers some of the less common categories, like irony and satire. He also translated Homer. He's a master of the heroic couplet.

4. William Wordsworth - Just the best and most prolfic of the Romantic Era. The dropoff after Wordsworth and Coleridge is too steep to justify waiting.

5. T.S. Eliot - A great poet of the modern era. His stuff is sufficiently confusing and somewhat depressing. A must-have to round out my roster.

I love this post. Seriously.

I also feel like (correct me if I'm wrong) that this entire post may have been built around - "Homer - He's just epic." That made me laugh out loud.
Shakespeare is a dud, man. What were you thinking?!
whoah, thems dueling words..
Moey: I didn't actually think of the "epic" line until I wrote Homer's name. But I like it! I think I most liked the concept of a points per play (written) league.

Matt: That's why my team whooped your squad of second rate hacks last week. You passed on Shakespeare.
Ahhhh ... I thought it may have been Points Per Play, but the epic/Homer combo tickles my brain - and can totally imagine you saying it!
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