Friday, August 8

Top 5 Observations

1. Surrey Central Station is terrifying as soon as the sun goes down. There is a fairly heavy police presence there at night, but it doesn't stop the scary crazy people from congregating there. As one fellow so astutely phrased it tonight, "I think I'm crazy, and I'm pretty sure it's not the good kind. You got any spare change?"
2. I'm eventually going to be on the news, either as the person being interviewed as a witness to a violent clash at Surrey Central, or as the victim on the Global News nightly violent report.
3. Crazy people shouldn't own crazy dogs, and shouldn't get mad at me for kicking the crazy dog in the teeth when it tries to bite me. This could have become observation 2 in a hurry, but my bus came and I got the F out of dodge before I got a shiv in the mouth.
4. Some people shouldn't be allowed to work with the public. When you ask for a double double, and the cashier informs you that they don't in fact serve double doubles, something is amiss. Even more so when it is a Tim Hortons cashier informing you that the double d is a figment of my tiny imagination (I was told that there has never ever been such a thing as a double double.) When asked incredulously how long said employee had been working there, the startling reply of 2 years was given. I then asked how she had been able to keep her job in spite of her complete lack of intelligence (I might have bandied about the word moron, but I can't be 100 percent sure.) I was then asked to leave the store, upon which I asked to speak to a manager. I never got my double double.
5. I freakin love Surrey. It's like a whole new world (without the magic carpet, talking parrot, helper monkey or the hot chick. I surprisingly do have a blue genie, but that should stay on the DL.)

when i lived in Surrey, and worked downtown Vancouver, i would take the Skytrain to 22nd St station (in New West) and take a bus home ... if i missed that bus, i would take the Skytrain to Surrey Central to take the bus from there. Sometimes I got off work at 11:30 pm ... I have experienced the Surrey Central station at night, and can relate to Observation 2. Once there was a stabbing about 5 minutes after my bus left...
holy Crap Josh
holy Crap Josh
This is in my top 5 favorite posts of all time.
Just as long as you're not traveling a Greyhound with your ipod and a strong desire to nap, I feel like you're safe, Josh.
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