Friday, May 9

Top 5 Stop 5 Affiliated Blogs

1. Geoff - Last Update: April 13, 2008
2. K-Pasa - Last Update: March 26, 2008
3. Dan - Last Update: September 19, 2007
4. Otto - Last Update: August 22, 2007
5. Rivers - Last Update: February 8, 2007

Bonus: The Rocket (because he is affiliated with Stop 5, one way or another) - Last Update: May 7, 2008

Anyone hiding a literary treasure you want to share? Anyone want to update previously mentioned literary treasures?

I love this show like no other. Well maybe like 2 others. Guess what they are for a fun time!
You'll note that the Rocket is the most recent updater. Take THAT Dan Donkers!!
Well. Apparently I commented on the wrong post up there. Hmm.

Kyle, my literary treasure is me. So I'd appreciate you putting me on your list with a real-time clock as the Last Update time next to my name, as I never stop turning out little gems of prose from one nano-second to the next. Thank you.
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