Sunday, May 25

Top 5 Reasons Why Disappointment Fills My Heart Right Now

1) I was not able to remain in China and help with the relief efforts.
2) Despite all rescue efforts, my hair (which I drastically altered in China) still looks VERY Chinese. Not that I have anything against Chinese hairstyles, I just never really envisioned myself as a Scottish Cleopatra. This is what chemical straightening and a language barrier will do to you, especially when you seem to be magically paralysed in all hairdressing chairs and find yourself falling prey to a Chinese hairstylist with an agenda.
3) I am stuck at school for stinkin' debrief. Okay, so I don't think debrief is SUCH a terrible thing. I just really want space. SPACE. And I want to see my brother and sister. NOW. And they won't release me until tomorrow afternoon.
4) I never got to pick up an AfroKen for Kyle, and I don't know how to break it to him. I looked, I really did.
5) I am no longer in China. Reverse culture-shock sucks. Anybody want to join me for some comfort eating at a Chinese Restaurant sometime? I emptied my schedule this week for opportunities such as these. (Just don't laugh at my hair. I learned Kung Fu in my journeys, I'll have you know.)

Honourable mention: Jet lag fills my heart with all kinds of negativity. Yay for sleep deprivation and a confused internal clock!

I'd love to join you for Chinese comfort food. But I'm not there.
She is alive!!

Also, thanks for looking. I believe you. Really. I do. It's not like I think you just forgot and then were consumed by such complete and utter guilt you had to make up some crazy story to justify yourself to me and shatter my dreams and my hope and my optimism about the future as tactfully as possible. Psh. *Sob*
hey i love china food, and we went to china town but you were not hungry. but any time i am up for china food i know a place here on the QCIslands if you ever come up.
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