Saturday, May 24

Top 5 Plants in my patio garden

1. Raspberry ice - This one has lush burgundy leaves and is starting to produce pink flowers coming out on the stems
2. Periwinkle - Beautiful, and has a rad name
3. Pots full of pansies - Pansies are not my favorite, but in a pot in the sunshine, they can't help but make you happy
4. Kalanchoe - I don't know what this one is really, but right now it has the most vibrant fuchsia flowers - so pretty!
5. The other one - I don't know the name of it because I got it at the Farmer's market and forgot by the time I got home, but it is full and leafy and is just starting to flower. It is fun to have a plant that you don't know what it will end up being like...

**Honorable mention** My Ficus tree - This one is indoors, but I like it a lot. It's in a gorgeous brown clay pot and is our first house tree

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