Tuesday, May 6

Top 5 Oddities from the Kelowna Weekend

1. Every Friday, particularly during the summer, the entire town descends upon every chain restaurant in Kelowna. Thus, when Tara and I went to Montana's, we were met with a 35-40 minute wait. Same with East Side Marios. We waited, and ended up eating at like 8:00. So bizarre though, I felt like I was at a new restaurant in Langley. Because that only happens to new restaurants in Langley.

2. Dan and Slynn spoke in surprisingly Canadian accents. I found that odd, since I seemed to have a husky Irish brogue for most of the weekend.

3. There was an air mattress that pretty much took up a whole room. We slept on it. It was comfy. But seriously, so huge!

4. Rob is as good as advertised at bocce. Way to live up to your Italian heritage!

5. Matt Gnaedinger is exceedingly good at climbing hills. Like, he's probably in some hill climbing league, good.

Okay, just for fun, here's a video for you all. Watch the drummer in this one. I figure there's a good chance that's me in 20 years. There may be a related stopfive post coming soon, but I thought I'd put this in here for now.

That's you now.

I like you in a cumberbund.
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