Saturday, May 17

Top 5 Garage Sale Purchases Today

1. Board games! - Pictionary, Monopoly and Full House - less than a dollar each
2. "Summer reading" books - fluffy, somewhat trashy, and hilarious - 10 cents each
3. Cassette tapes - Pretty Woman soundtrack, Top Gun soundtrack, Oldies Love Songs, Party Night 2, Rock 84 - Allie's car has a tape player - 50 cents each
4. Sparkles - a necklace - 25 cents
5. Very Best of Cher CD - well, almost - turns out it's just a Cher CD case... 50 cents

I love garage sale mornings!

#5 is like a case study in irony. I actually laughed out loud.

I hope you didn't buy any of those Harlequin novels. Although for 10 cents, well, even I'd be tempted...
How did you not notice? Did you think it was a magical weightless tape?
CD, Holly-Anne, CD. Keep up. And it was one of those CDs in a case in a sleeve kinda deals. I shoulda checked though.

And you are right Kyle. The irony is hilarious. And, unfortunately, no Harlequin. I'll keep my open for 10 cent copies for you though.
what is this CD that you speak of ? Is it an acronym?
actually meliss, you were paid to take away the Cher CD. At least 50cents to keep it even through there was no CD. Keep your facts straight!
oh man, this conversation makes me miss hanging out with you guys. I could just visualize that HA-Moe exchange. Hilarious!
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