Tuesday, May 20

Top 5 Downsides to being Suddenly Left Handed

So I fractured a bone in my right wrist on Sunday. 6 weeks in a cast. Lame.

1. Well, I don't actually have the use of my right hand, so technically I'm more "one handed" than "left handed."

2. Typing with 1 hand is difficult and time consuming.

3. I find buttons, particularly the ones on my pants, difficult to manipulate.

4. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to cut food with a fork and knife, because I can't really put any pressure on my right hand, so I can't hold the fork well.

5. No video games!!

how did you fracture a bone in your wrist? was it video games?
he probably attempted the triple heel click at History Maker...

Dan... You're just not as fit as you used to be...

Sorry man, I still love you though.
hehee, Dan is pretty close. I tried to kick off of what I thought was a wall in front of the stage, but ended up being a curtain. i fell on my butt and tried to stop myself with my hand, which bent my wrist back. Video games love me too much to hurt me :)

And Dan, I love you too.
You're not fooling anyone, Dan. We all know you were smacking your wrists together while making chicken sounds when you hurt your wrist. Though I do really admire your commitment to a bit...
What about the upsides?! Like, having your wife shower you with love and affection, waiting on you day and night, and spoon feeding you? Not to mention being "unable" to do chores for six weeks, due to pain and suffering...

And wait, what about a lawsuit? Jim 'The Hammer' Shappiro will get you ever dollar that you deserve. 1-800-546-7777. (Seriously. That's his number.)
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