Thursday, May 8

Top 5 Diabetics of Film & Television

5. Baby O | Con Air
Cons take over plane. Don’t give him his insulin. Nicholas Cage gets his insulin. But no food. He survives. Somehow.

4. Sarah Altman | Panic Room
Bad guys come to the house. Mom panics. Locks them in a room with no food. Hypoglycaemia sets in. Mom leaves room. Bad guys enter room. Bad guys administer glucagon. Doesn’t die.

3. Don Geiss | 30 Rock
Tina Fey forgets to get him food. Goes into diabetic coma. Dr. Spaceman gives him a placebo shot. It does nothing. He remains in coma. (Or faking it.)

2. Leonard’s Wife | Memento
Leonard gives his wife insulin. She dies. He goes crazy.

1. Police Horse | Half Baked
Kenny sees a horse. Feeds it. It’s not hungry; it’s diabetic. It dies. Kenny goes to jail.

Kyle one day you'll be on this list...
hopefully you'll be one of the ones that live...

Half Baked. i have not thought about that movie in a long time. shame on me.
I believe they call it a light-to-no-coma, or, in layman's terms, a heavy nap.
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