Saturday, May 31

Top 5 Books I Bought Yesterday

I actually only bought 5 books, but for the sake of a list, here they are:

1. Elegance, Kathleen Tessaro - A girly no-brainer novel centered around live your life according to elegance

2. Leading by Example; multiple authors - A leadership book of lessons learned by some of the world's top business leaders (this one is strictly for work and for providing some direction in developing people as leaders)

3. The Last Lecture; Randy Pausch - Recommended to me by multiple people that I work with; apparently an enjoyable read full of humour, inspiration and intelligence by a professor of Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction and Design who has worked at Adobe, Google, Electronice Arts and Walt Disney Imagineering.

4. One Hundred Years of Solitude; Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize Winner) - Caught my eye as this is the same author who wrote "Love in the time of Cholera." Looks like an entertaining summer book.

5. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; Barbara Kingsolver - The story of a family who took a year dedicated to eating food produced from the same place where they lived... whether that be from the farm down the road to their own backyard; and the lessons they learned from it. Already inspiring, helpful and fun to read.

New books are a wonderful thing. Nothing like it in the world. Was number 3 written by someone at CP?
FYI: One Hundred Years of Solitude is One Messed Up Book. I mean, it's strangely insightful and quite fantastical at times, but also quite... different. Different. Yes. Good word.
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