Monday, March 31

Top Five Up and Coming Stars

1. Ryan Braun - reminds me alot of Ryan Howard. Only played in 113 games last year and was a top player. Will he have the same kind of second year that Ryan did, who knows. if he does its 58 homers for you Donkers. Good luck.
2. Troy Tulowitzki - This kid is historically good. He is a five tool stud of a ball player. He throws 93 accross the diamond, he can hit a ton. Great player, and the jays should have got him, in the draft. The best draft arguabbly ever was in 2005 and yeah, damn.
3. Prince Fielder - 23 and a force. allready a star, but come on... how many will he hit by 30
4. Grady Sizemore - Could be the best baseball player in my mind, the guy is an all out balls to the walls type, and though known in fantasy as a potential 30 30 guy. They guy will become a star this year.
5. Hunter Pense - How good will he be this year, will be judged on whether he is injured again.

no pitchers, cause yeah, they get injured too much - see fransisco lariano

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