Friday, April 4

Top Five reasons "The Stewart" is a good roommate

5. He says I snore, and when I do he sleeps on the couch and never complains...he actually says he likes sleeping on the couch...lord bless him and his little compassionate heart.
4. He has quite the extensive movie collection, and has allowed me to watch movies I always wanted to watch but have never had the opportunity.
3. He laughs at many of the things I say. I'm not funny to most people, but I seem to humor Kyle and that bolsters good self esteem on my part...
2. If I've ever wonder who someone is in a TV show, Movie, Commercial or anything video related, within minutes Kyle has looked it up on IMDB to give me the answer. (In all honesty I most likely would forget that I wanted to know, but he takes the effort to check it out to cure my curiosity)
1. He misses me when I'm gone...

You're funny.

But I still hate you.
So . . . you guys like, sleep in the same bed?
If Geoff had his way, maybe. He's been known to try to come in late, pretend to be drunk, and climb into bed with me. But I won't have it.

We do sleep in the same room, though. Hence the word, "Room-mate." Otherwise we'd be "Apartmates," right? Come on!
I'm not drunk...just full of the Holy Acts KYLE!!
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