Monday, March 31

Top Five Franchise Players

1. AROD (Pinchers of Power) 32 years old, and rediculous numbers for 12 years. Now looking at his carreer stats each year, its even more obvious. Wow. and 3rd base is a tough position to fill, though it seems like there is alot of talent there, those players dont' traditionally do well very long. 3rd base is by far the least represented in the hall of fame, I think there is 6.
2. Hanley Ramirez (Pinchers of Power) 24 years old - Only really two years to go by, but in those two years he stole 51 bases. He also scores alot of runs, and hit for power last year. He also plays at a premium position. SS is probably the shallowest position, with the greatest dropoffs.
3. David Wright (bosox) 25 years old - another 5 category guy. 3 years of outstanding baseball to go on, for this guy, and hitting in a lineup on the rise.
4. Albert Pujols (jays) 27 years old. He started with a bang, and hasn't stopped for 7 years. Unless he is injured he finishes in the top 5 mvp voting every year of his career by his stats alone. CRAZY. His numbers are awesome,
5. Miguel Cabrera (bosox) 24 years old and allready a 4 catagory machine, who enters this year in his 5th season, in a very good lineup, in a good hitting ballpark, and in great shape. This guy will rake for awhile.

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