Monday, March 31

Top Five Fantasy Pitchers

1. Johan Santana - a great player, who never seems to get injured, strikes out a ton of guys, has great ratios, and now playing on a great team with great defence could be huger than before.
2. Jake Peavy - quietly has looked only slightly worse than santana for 5 years now. Only really noticed finnally because he got 19 wins.
3. Brandon Webb - Has had very good success so far, and very resiliant.
4. Eric Bedard - Very good strikeout total last year, and headed to a pitchers park with a good defence, and moving away from the al east should help. Not many years to go on though, really shows the disparity on pitchers, lots of fluctuation every year.
5. Roy Oswalt - Amazing ratios, an off year last year, was still very good. As pitchers get older, they keep winning, but there stats do change.

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