Wednesday, April 16

Top 5 "Where did they Go?" Musicians

1. Gregg Alexander - lead singer of the New Radicals. Quite the voice and quite the character. Got tired of touring and quit. I think he still writes though.

2. Jay Bennet - Guitarist and keyboardist for Wilco. Left in a huff after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was finished. I recall he promised to make Jeff Tweedy wish he'd never left, presumably by becoming better and more famous. Where is he?

3. Krist Novocelic - Kurt Cobain died, Dave Grohl rocked, what happened to Krist?

4. Des'ree - She always told me I gotta be stronger. I thought she'd be a stronger presence in the music world.

5. "Pras" Michel - The Fugee we never knew. Wyclef produces Akon. Lauryn Hill is a brilliant ghost. Who's Pras?

This list got more ridiculous than intended.

On another note, as the Stopfive Historian I'm attempting to clear up the latest argument to arise here. I'm wondering when exactly "goat cheese" was first mentioned, and by whom? Because as far as I can tell the blame rests solely on Slynn. But I could be misinformed. I'd appreciate some input so that I can put this issue to bed.

It was in a comment on Rob's post, "Top 5 Thoughts On The Theme of Stopfive Records."
Read 'em and weep.

You're old, Donkers. The only names I recognized in that whole list were Kurt Cobain, Lauryn Hill and Akon. Old fart. Go bathe in formaldehyde.
Maybe you should leave the old comments alone. You are the only poster here under the age of 20. And just because you are musically illiterate is no reason to attack other people. For shame. Seriously.

Dan, really, Des'ree? Your manhood called, it wants to know when it can move back in.
In her defense, she's one of the few more musically literate people I know.

That aside, I was hoping for some mention of Petra...

Also, I'm pretty sure Krist became a politician. Or has something to do with politics. Which I thought was kind of...funny.
DUDE! Petra is still making records as far as I know. So BAM! Take that.
Booyah! House of James, here I come!
Why on earth would I ever bring up raspberry goat cheese? I don't like raspberrys. I don't like goats. And I've never actually been invited to a fine cheese party yet. I am disappointed in you Donkers.
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