Saturday, April 19

Top 5 Threads from the Rich Tapestry of Stopfive Mythology

1. Bryan, the father of this site, is a ninja. He is trained in many martial arts and weapons tactics, but his specialty is swordsmanship. He is also the guardian of the fabled "original stopfive archive," which he has sworn on his life to protect.

2. Andrew, the professor emeritus of blogging, is on a journey of discovery. Presumably to the center of the earth. We don't know where he is, or whether he will return safely, but our thoughts and prayers are with him.

3. We did not find Jenn. Jenn found us. I think she may be from the future. Also, I suspect Kelsey is from the sea.

4. One of either Holly, Moey, or Slynn has found a legitimate way to a land of fantastical possibilities, but together they made a secret pact never to tell anyone.

5. Rob is indeed the Stopfive inventor, and even now is working on a perpetual motion machine that can change the way blogging is done. We can only hope he succeeds before time runs out.

I AM from the sea.

Well actually, my name is Scandinavian and it means "island of the ships."
Close enough.
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