Saturday, April 12

Top 5 Thoughts On The Theme of Stopfive Records

5. Kelsey is the jewel in the crown of this website. Her ability to produce laugh-related head contusions and ruptured appendixes is unparalleled in my experience.
4. Donkers needs to ask the school for a sabbatical so that he can sit down and get on with writing the most important book of our generation.
3. I think my next road trip will be to Prince George. There I will meet all of Holly's friends, slap bathtub boy into next week, and walk away while Holly professes shock at my unexplainable behaviour.
2. If Josh isn't the next Douglas Coupland then I'm an illiterate, brain-damaged monkey's uncle. Seriously, Otto gots skills.
1. Reading all these posts and comments I can imagine all of you in a room, chatting away and eating cheese or something, laughing and listening to music. I think it's a vision of the future. Make it happen.

ok, first of all Josh is way funnier than Douglas Copeland (i in no way mean this to bash Doug, he's one of my favorites). Also, every time I see a hot guy now I think HOT!!!! and then save it in my head. And YES! come to PG. Come in May or June. or stay for all of may and june. Dan will write the most important book of our generation and Donald Miller will cry himself to sleep that night. And we defintely need a fine cheese and dance party sometime in the near future. These are my thoughts on your thoughts.
I hope you have managed to recover if from those medical fiascos mentioned! That could not have been pleasant.

I fond of cheese. Perhaps during this summer's proposed bbq? I'll bring raspberry goat cheese. Mmmmm...
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