Tuesday, April 22

Top 5 Thngs I will miss from England

1. Walking to work along the sea. Gorgeous!
2. Walking everywhere in the town. Especially amongst the cute little shops in the lanes.
3. Having the opportunity to explore a new city, try out all the restaurants, shop at all the stores.
4. Bricks. And chimneys.
5. Cream tea. I have only had this once, but it was so yummy. We already have a reunion trip planned to the Jammery outside Vernon where they supposedly server English cream tea.

"Walking to work"?! You were there for WORK? Good lord. You are officially the most successful person I know.

Also, I agree with the brick/chimney statement. It is one of the very few things I loved about Ontario.
Haha, yep it's true. I have the greatest job! I work for Disney. In the last year I have travelled to Texas, L.A. (including Disneyland) and England all for "work." It doesn't get much better than that. And I enjoy my actual job to top it all off.
I would love that.
That is what is referred to in academic circles as "a sweet gig."
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