Thursday, April 24

Top 5 Things to Look Forward To

1. Grad Banquet - tonight. It's always full of food and fun.
2. Grad Ceremony - tomorrow. Always a great celebration of accomplishment.
3. Sleeping in -Saturday Morning. Fairly self-explanatory.
4 A week of uninhibited work on my tasks - next week. No more last minute errands to run.
5. Our trip to Kelowna - May 2nd - 4th. Surprise! We're coming out on that weekend! And we may need somewhere to stay on the Saturday night (Dan and Slynn?)

Top Five Things You Will Miss Once The School Year Ends
5. Me coming to visit you in your office, speaking of nothing and wasting your time.
4. Going to Dragon Fort with me for lunch.
3. Being able to invite me over last minute for Mario Party.
2. Losing to my walk-off home runs.
1. This one is so obvious, I don't even need to say it.
Hooray! I'll just be back from my trip (well, on the Wednesday that is). It would be grand to see you.
Sweet, I hope that's not an imposition! I know it was kind of a random way of telling you.

Moey - are you around? I hear you may be in Hawaii on that weekend?
no imposing at all! i have been missing friends lately. it will be a grand reunion!
i think moey might even be back... but i could be wrong on that.
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