Monday, April 14

Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1) Going to China. 16 DAYS until departure.
2) Finishing my schoolwork for the year.
3) Getting back into the workforce upon my return from China. I love my job. I've missed my Eastsiders.
4) Being able to have the time to READ once more. I have a list that I can't wait to tackle. Hmmm. StopFive potential...
5) Summer fun in the sun.

Honourable mention (part of no. 5): Having that BBQ and meeting all you fine folks.

Hmm, I am not sure how this reunion turned into a BBQ. I think we are a bit more exciting than that. Our style is more berry party with champagne, or fine cheese and dance party. But you can bring raspberry goat cheese!
Way to go Kelsey. Nice colours. I'm proud of you.
slynn, you're disgusting. Who of us in their right mind (other than melissa) would eat raspberry goat cheese? fine cheese and dance party is our style though. FINE CHEESE slynn, not gross cheese.
I agree with HA. Raspberry goat cheese is out of our league. In fact, it's out of EVERYONE's league! You better cool your jets Slynn. Seriously, don't let the English change you.
I agree. Don't let english change you. May I suggest spanish?
I like grilling dead animals. That is more my style. Fine cheese, dance and grilling party. It's the best of all worlds. I also think Kelsey suggested the goat cheese (seriously....goat cheese. Come on!), so maybe we should stop vilifying slynn and her crazy ideas. Consider yourself on notice Kelsey, you are now vilified. How do you like dem apples? Also, I remember that there was a vilification of Kelsey over the colours in the blog. I'm pretty sure Melissa threatened to drink her milkshake. It was intense.
i drink your milkshake.

also, raspberry goat cheese sounds fab!
I will sooooo eat the raspberry goat cheese. And have a barbecue. And drink wine. And guiness. And dance to music with lots of people in a ridiculously small room. Yah!
I am definitely the one who suggested raspberry goat cheese, though I reject all these attempts of vilification!! I am only sad that none of you have had the privilege or cultured upbringing to which I've been exposed. Raspberry goat cheese is divine. I will make you all try some. You must bear in mind that this is goat cheese with chunks of real raspberries in it, okay? This isn't some Philadelphia flavoured cream cheese.

And a reunion isn't a reunion without a BBQ. Sure, dancing & guinness and cheese are definite requirements for Good Times, but there has to be some kind of animal attempting to crawl off a grill for the event to be Legendarily Memorable.
And Slynn, I'm sorry you took the fall for me. Be encouraged, though. All the great minds of history were persecuted. Only centuries later was their brilliance hailed.
Joshua Otto and culture have never been mentioned in the same sentence. Except for that last one.
Josh, you and I are going to crash a fundraiser of some kind. Then we'll be cultured.

Then the papers will read: "Bums Clash With High Culture." It'll be amazing.
Otto and Kyle: I hear there's a H.O.O.P. fundraiser going on later this month. Perhaps that would be a good one to crash.

As for Kelsey, you better watch out or you'll get your ears clipped faster than a doberman. You think you can just come in here, going on about raspberries and cheese, hot-doggin it in front of everyone? You're a loose cannon K-Pasa. You're dangerous. And I don't like my wingmen to be dangerous. It'll get you killed when you're 10 000 feet up and a bogey's got tone lock on you. Just a warning Kelsey. I don't want to see you buzzing the tower ever again!
I definitely read that comment in class, and I definitely laughed out loud. Everybody turned and glared at me.
Thanks a lot, Dan.
Dan the Man.
Dan the Dead Man.
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