Saturday, April 12

Top 5 Things I Would Consider Doing Right Now

1. Go to bed, because it's after midnight, and I am kind of tired.
2. Read, because got a great book that I Bryan got me intrigued to read (All families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland)
3. Watch a movie. I just got Office Space for 6 bucks today, great deal.
4. Play video games, because it is the weekend.
5. Go out into the garage and punch the tool, who is blaring loud country music and singing along like a retarded redneck howling for his snaggle-toothed mate to come and ease his pain, right in the face. It's after midnight, my nedroom is connected to the garage. Shut the hell up. Seriously. There Will Be Blood.

my nedroom is next to my parents. I win
You should drink his milkshake.
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