Tuesday, April 1

top 5 Things I need

1. A ridiculously cheap car. Preferably one that run on sunshine and candy drop wishes, because I hear that is only .5 cents a barrel. But seriously. Really cheap car.
2. A new back, mine is past its best before date.
3. No more slow, stupid people that drop boxes on me to work with me.
4. New glasses. More accurately a new prescription. Mine is past its best before date.
5. A hug. In a manly, I don't really need a hug begrudging sort of way.

Consider yourself hugged by me in a gushy, girly sort of way where you roll your eyes and I say awwww, Josh
I dont wear glasses, but like... I know that working with the homeless gave me a good perspective. The frames are the expensive part, and often doctors would change the perscription for free for the people, as long as they had frames.
A little-known tip I learned recently: don't buy your glasses from LensCrafters/Pearl Vision/etc!

Buy them from an actual Ophthalmologist. They have to sell the frames at cost, so they're ridiculously cheap. At least that's how it was in Ontario. I got a complete pair of glasses that are worth $450 for just under $200. The lenses were $300 at LensCrafters but only $90 from the doc. Good deal, I say!
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