Thursday, April 10

Top 5 Things I haven't Done

A stress post.

1. Finish my itinerary for the summer. So many calls, so many schedule conflicts, so many cancellations.
2. Solicit stuff to give away for Historymaker. Haven't really started.
3. Win a hockey trophy as a staff member. That will have to wait for next year.
4. Plan out camp schedules for the summer. Who's going where? I don't know!
5. Write sermons for summer travels. Sermons are usually the last thing I think about in this state.

Ok, I feel a little better now. That's not so hard to do. Is it?

A little encouragement. Your life generally looks like this around this time of year. You always pull it out in the end.
You're the guy who wrote your final papers the night before they were do and still got an A. You could wing sermons and still be on target. And Josh is right - you do always pull it off.
I think it bodes ill for you that writing this post was not on your list.
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